Back into the light

It’s been over a month since I’ve seen him. Our reunion was short lived. Too much time has passed. Too much water under the bridge. People change. What they want and need changes as well. I miss him and the way he made me feel. Before him, I’d been celibate for almost four years. Long story; bad relationship leading to very dark and lonely times. He healed me, brought me back to life and into the light again. Made me whole.

Sexually speaking, he found a side to me I never knew I had. Sex had never been like that before and I’d thought that maybe there was something wrong with me. I’d never felt so alive – or so exhausted! But we can’t be together any more. So now its time to move on, to find someone to love.

In the meantime, I’ve decided not to deny myself the pleasures of the flesh. No more shutting myself away again and behaving like a nun! I went to a friend’s hen party last week and treated myself to a nice little toy. It’s a small, pink egg-shaped vibrator. Soft to the touch with two long prongs which vibrate at different levels. And I’ve decided that tonight, I’m going to take it for a test drive!

I’ve had a nice, long soak in a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine and I’m all relaxed and chilled out. I’m already slightly aroused because I’ve been reminiscing about good times with him – hot, sticky times! I’ve lit many small tea-lights in my bedroom and put a vase of roses on my bedside table. I let my towel fall to the floor and look at myself in the mirror.

I’m still in pretty good shape for my age. My small breasts are still pert and quite firm. My stomach is still nice and flat – mainly due to loads of exercise. My ass is still my favourite bit of my body – not a trace of sagging, no cellulite, small and firm like when I was a teenager. And my legs still toned and shapely although I wish they were longer. I’m so turned on just looking at myself. I can feel the heat between my legs starting to increase.

I sit on the edge of the bed and slowly massage body lotion all over. Starting with my arms, I feel all along my shoulders down to my elbows, on to my wrists and between each slender finger. I lean forward, down to my legs and smoothly stroke each of my calves. Even the large, jagged scar on my knee appears sexy – a reminder of a sporting injury from younger days. I firmly massage each thigh, not daring to go too high or to touch the soft, sensitive skin just beneath my groin.

I raise my head and look at my reflection. It’s me – but a new me. And I’m so hot! I put some more lotion on my hands and lower them to my stomach. It doesn’t betray my childbearing – no stretch marks, no sagging. The small tattoo seems as vivid as the day it was inked even though it was over a decade ago. I sweep my hands up and down and I fight the urge to take them between my legs. I can see it in my eyes – desire, lust, want.

My nipples are already erect; waiting for me. Small, pert breasts. Feeling warm and inviting in my hands. Sometimes I wish they were bigger and fuller. My aureoles have tightened, looking like some strange alien landscape. I twirl the nipples between my fingers. They’re beautiful – dark and proud and quite large considering I’m only a 34B! Boyfriends have all loved them – one almost to obsession, suckling them till they hurt.

I can feel my heart pounding through my chest and I’m unable to wait any longer. The throbbing between my legs needs attention – now! I slowly tease my hands down my abdomen and I part my thighs. I’m so wet that I can see my lips shining in the mirror. Earlier, while bathing, I shaved my pubic hair all off. Now I can see all that I am. I’m so close to climax and I haven’t even touched myself.

I take my legs wide and take a close look at my labia. Glistening in the candlelight, dark red, engorged with arousal. Creased and complicated. Bare as the day I was born. I softly stroke a finger along the top of my thighs and just brush the outside, still not delving in. A few small ripples run through me and I gasp. I can smell my juices and breathe them in.

I watch as I use two fingers to part my lips and then slip them inside. I bring them to my mouth and suck the juices off. This is how I taste – hot, strong and musky. I start to stroke all along the length of my folds, watching how my body reacts. I raise one hand to a breast and gently massage it while my other hand keeps up a circular motion running between my clit and my entrance. I’m so close to orgasm and I throw my head back and moan as I start to rub my clitoris. My wetness is such that my fingers slide everywhere and I can hear squelches as I brush my lips together.

I lie back on the bed and spread my legs as wide as I can, continuing to finger myself. I’m so, so wet that my fingers slide all over the place. I try to calm down a little but I desperately need to climax. My clit is swollen and throbbing but I’m too wet. My fingers keep slipping off!

That’s when I remember my new toy and I sit up, quickly reaching under my pillow where I’d hidden it before. I part my lips and place it so it sits just inside my entrance. The prongs are resting against my clit, ready to go to work. I’m trembling as I look at my reflection. Glowing, breathing hard, eyes bright and wild like an animal. I switch it on and gasp as its vibrations start to run through me.

I lie back and place my hand on it, pressing it deeper into me. The buzzing runs all the way along my folds, inside me and drives me crazy. I want to come, I want to come so badly! The prongs hit me just where I need it and my clit doesn’t know what’s hit it. I’m gasping, moaning and writhing about all over the bed. When I climax, it’s going to be massive and I’m shaking in anticipation.

I imagine those prongs are his tongue – flicking my clit and him eating my pussy as if he was starving. I can feel it, the knot of tension building in the pit of my stomach. In response, I turn the level up and the vibration increases in speed and intensity as do my moans and groans. My legs are going wild, thrashing and wriggling. The vibrations echo along every fold, every nook, every cranny, inside me to my core. The build up continues and I feel myself tensing, ready to explode. I scream out as one orgasm after another crashes through my body. Bang! Bang! Bang! One after the other! Strong, violent orgasms! My body arches and convulses, my thighs crash together. My vaginal muscles contract so powerfully that the toy is almost fired out. I hold it there to keep the tremors coming. Throb after throb as I still climax until I can’t bear it any longer.

Sweat runs down between my breasts, matched by the flow of my juices between my legs. I take the vibration back down a level, still feeling the pulses in me. Exhausted, I switch it off and remove it, putting it to one side and slip two fingers inside. I’m still twitching strongly enough to be able to grip my fingers. I can’t touch my clit – it’s too swollen and ultra-sensitive. I press a hand on my stomach and I can feel the throbs deep inside my very soul. My chest rises and falls as I struggle to breathe normally.

I sit up and look in the mirror. Look at me – look at me! Is that really me? That creature. Flushed. Shaking. I can see the moisture seeping down my legs and notice the pool of juice on my bed. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see my new lover. It’s still slick with my juices, all glossy and pink. I tentatively touch it. It’s warm and soft. I just sit there, recovering, looking at this little toy. I start to laugh and laugh, unable to stop.

Eventually, the ecstasy ebbs and I come back down to earth. Feeling the sudden chill, I slip into my bed and fall into a blissful sleep where I dream of our next encounter.

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