This happened a couple of years ago when I worked for a manufacturing company in a small town in the west. There were three personal assistants / secretaries working at this company, don’t get your hopes up, it’s only about one of them. This story is about Karen. Karen was a single mother, about 32, she had black hair cut into a bob, sometimes wears glasses, has a slightly broken front tooth, is about 5’1″ tall, and has a slender torso but could loose some weight from her behind and thighs.
I suppose it’s middle age spread. Sometimes she looks a bit rough with her hair up and lack of makeup, I suppose depending on how time she has had in the morning. But most days she is what you would call a good looking well dressed lady. We’d often met up in the staff room for morning coffee and a slice of toast and maybe flirted, joked, and there was a little sexual inuendo. The company was fairly relaxed and most of us did get on well. There was a collegue who was leaving and we had decided to have a bit of a send off party at a local bar, work finished fairly early on a friday and as I lived about 25 miles away I had arranged to stay with a friend who lived locally, after the obligatory shower and change to casual clothes we arrived at the bar around 7pm, there were a few other people already there – Karen being one of them. Did she look good? Yes she did. Anyway, we all started chatting and drinking – I’m not really a heavy drinker and if truth be told can’t really hold it so I try to pace myself but just enough to loosen the tongue and give a bit dutch courage. After a while I needed to visit the gents, and it just happened that Karen was infront of me.
I said “Hi gorgeous, don’t mind if I stalk you”, Karen giggled. The mens and ladies were at the end of a corridor, as we approached I intended to turn left, but don’t know why I said “I’ll stalk you in there too”. Karen turned round and said “I dare you”. Up for it I carried on following her just to the inside of the door – I was actually right behind her at this pont. She turned again, we looked at each other and then just started kissing. She said “lets go”. My need for urination evaporated with the thought of doing Karen so we left. Karen actually only lived down the road, well within walking distance so 5 minutes later we were at her house. We approached her front door, she put the key in the door and a dog started barking.
“Its only Fred” she said “but don’t worry about the kids, there staying at my parents. “We made our way through the front hall and into the living room – Fred was a brown and white cocker spaniel, about 2 and a half foot tall with a docked tail, and he was bounding about all excited for a minute, but eventually went off to his basket when no one was playing with him. We sat on the sofa kissing again and getting hot, I hitched up her skirt pulled off her pants and went down on her – what seemed like an eternity and a very aching tongue (it was prbably only 5 minutes, maybe I should chew more gum to strengthen my tongue?) she orgasmemed. I opened my belt and unbuttoned my jeans climbed onto and entered her (no condom was I mad?). I don’t know why but being in a recently orgasimed woman always gets me off very quickly, but then they probably don’t need someone taking ages. I rolled off her and kissed her a few times. At this point Fred decided he would have a bit of a nosy, Karens legs were still open, and she was on the edge of the sofa and he was straight in there. I could hear a sloppily lick and Karen gasped, she was about to sit up but I said “let him”.
She looked at me with a bit of a frown, maybe it was the drink, but she didn’t move. The sloppy sounds carried on and Karen started breating heavily. Then Fred jumped up and put his paws either side of Karen and started to thrust. The positioning was all wrong so I said “Scoot forward”, again she looked at me with a frown on her face but she did it. That was all the encouragement that Fred needed, he was like a rocket, Karen gasped again, and started moaning – sounding very similar to when I was going down on her earlier. The view from the side was fantastic, Karen was sort of in a crab position, or at least her legs were, her back arched and was supported by the sofa, and Freds legs were sort of gripping her just around her waist. I’m not sure who was panting the most, me, Fred or Karen. After about 2 minutes Fred stopped moving and just laid there, his head on hit mistresses chest, Karen wasn’t looking at me, just up into the air, gasping and shuddering. Fred then decided to get off her and she gave a loud gasp, I could see why, Freds knot must have been the size of a tennis ball although his penis only looked to be about 4 inches long, but with the knot I suppose she had about 8 inches in her. Karen laid there for a few minutes then stood up and I could see doggy jism running down her thighs and legs.
She said “I can’t belive I just did that, I think you betta go. ” With that she stumbled up the stairs. I did myself up, got my coat and went back to the bar. A couple of friends made comments about seeing me leave with Karen, I just laughed it off and started drinking again. I ended up getting absolutely hammered, and chucking up. I would like to say that this was the start of a beautiful relationship, but it wasn’t. Karen seemed to treat me civilly, but there was no more flirting, and hardly any talking and I never got to speak to her alone. A couple of weeks later she had to come into my office for something. “Hello” I said, “How are you?”. She stared at me for a few seconds but didn’t smile. “hows Fred” I said. She looked at me, again no smile. “You haven’t told anyone have you?” “No” I said. “Please don’t, and don’t mention him again”.
She put a couple of papers on my desk and left the room without a backward glance. A few of months later I was offered and took a position at another company, not due to any ill feeling at work, but more money and nearer home. we did have another leaving party but Karen didn’t go – I asked about her to one of the other secretaries but she said she couldn’t get a baby sitter. I often wondered what would have happened if I had gone to see her the next day, anyway I kept in touch with a couple of friends from the orginal workplace and took the mick a little when I asked about her – she’s still single, still working at the same company, and still looks the same. Does she still have the dog? Is she sleeping with him? No idea. But it’s an experience I will never forget.