A man comes to grips with his girlfriends feelings for her ex

March 1st
My girlfriend still has feelings for her ex. We talked about it in detail last night. I found out because I checked her phone and saw that they had been texting for a couple of weeks. When I asked her about it she denied that anything was going on but I could tell she was lying. I knew that if she tried to suppress her feelings about him they would only get worse so I encouraged her to talk to me about it. It took a long time for her to open up but eventually I got through.
He had been her first love. He had broken her heart. She never felt like she had any closure from the relationship. I had met her just after they broke up. That was over a year ago. Eventually she admitted to not being over him. She said she was sorry for texting him but swore that nothing had happened between them. Only texts. I believe her. I felt good after our conversation. I think talking about it will help her get over him.

After hours of talking we ended up having really great sex. I couldn’t help but wonder who she was thinking about while we were fucking.

March 9th

Mia is still talking to her ex. She told me she had stopped and wouldn’t respond if he text her but yesterday I saw a text from him left in her inbox. It seemed innocent, it just said “lol good one”. The problem is that it was the only text. There was a conversation but it had been deleted. I decided not to confront her about it. I don’t want to push her away. But its been driving me crazy.

Update: I just checked Mia’s phone again and now its locked. I asked her why and she just gave me a bullshit excuse. Really nervous now.

March 11th

I confronted Mia about the text I had seen. I expected her to deny it but she was honest with me. She felt really bad and apologized a dozen times and told me that she loved me. I asked her why she had text him and she said she didn’t know. I wondered if talking to him might make it easier for her to move on. When I asked Mia what she thought she said that maybe it would but she didn’t want to hurt me by talking to him again. I asked her if she thought she could stop herself from talking to him again and she said she didn’t know. So I told her to talk to him about it, be honest and just don’t hide anything. Mia looked extremely relieved and a little excited when I told her. We ended up have another great night of sex. Mia was a freak in bed. She rode me hard for over half an hour.

It made me feel better but now I’m nervous. I hope this works.

March 13th

I am dying of jealousy right now. I don’t know what I expected to happen. I guess I thought if she started talking to him she would remember why they broke up in the first place. But it seems like just the opposite. Mia has been texting him non stop ever since I gave her permission. As promised, she has been completely honest . She lets me read all the texts. They were innocent. It just looked like two friends catching up. What was unnerving was the way her face lit up whenever her phone would go off. And the smile on her face when she read his texts.

Then about an hour ago she looked at me and said that he wanted to call her. She just stared at me for a second as if asking for my permission. Then her phone started vibrating in her lap. It was him. She looked at it and then at me. I just nodded. She answered the phone and immediately went to the bedroom. She is still talking to him now. I can’t hear what they are saying but I can hear her laughing. She has done a lot of laughing. Someone told me once that if you could make a girl laugh you could make her do anything. I hope they were wrong.

March 15th

Well we just had sex again. It seems like every time she talks to or about her ex we have great sex right after. She spent over an hour on the phone with him yesterday and then nearly 3 hours on the phone with him today. And they still text too. Right after she finished talking to him she came in the room and thanked me for being so understanding and told me she loved me. Then she fucked my brains out. I have never cum so hard.

March 20th
Not much has changed. Mia is still talking to Blake (her ex). They have talked every day this week. I can’t help but wonder what they talk about. I could ask her , Im sure she would tell me but im nervous to find out. I imagine they talk about old times, old friends, and stuff like that. But whenever I hear her talking about him my mind always goes to sex. I wonder if they ever talk about anything like that. Then I start thinking about the two of them having sex. It drives me insane with jealousy. I mean, they dated for a long time and I know they had sex and it shouldn’t bother me but it does. I keep thinking about her riding him like she does me every night after they get off the phone. I can picture her on top of him, his cock deep inside of her, her breasts bouncing in his face, his hands on her ass. I can see his cum dripping out of her pussy. The jealousy is killing me, but picturing her like that also turns me on. I masturbate while I listen to her laughing in the next room. Once i’m finished I’m disgusted with myself. I cant believe I get off on this.

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